Dragon Chocolate Cake

Yay its nice weather, Yay its Queens Day, Yay for all of those things, but this blog is about chocolate!!!
I wouldn't want you guys to be missing your daily portion of chocolate!

Wow thanks M9000!
Well I came across this art blog, asking for ideas, and I asked him to draw the most EPIC chocolate cake he had ever seen! I did not think he would deliver....

Well he did! He made this chocolate dragon cake (with a tad of chili flavor) as the finishing touch!
Well you might just think like hmwa, its just a Dragon(Epic) Chocolate (tasty) on a Chocolate cake(need I even explain?) He ALSO wants to make this like a normal chocolate cake, and make the dragon with coloured frosting (I hope theres a cook up to that)! Just IMAGINE having this superlicious chocolate cake in your livingroom, just waiting to be eaten!
Check out this very interesting blog!
A very interesting blog!

But this is not the only chocolate dragon cake I want to show you! heres another one! This one was not especially made for me but this one is (almost) Just as epic!

Well as you might have noticed I have been blogging a tad less, because the weather is so awesome here, im on the beach all day! =D
That does not mean I take a brake from eating chocolate!
I recently forgot a piece of chocolate that was in my pocket, (A twix no less) and it melted... TOGETHER!
So the two twix pieces became one huge caramell-chocolate-cookie-twix PLATFORM! You don't even know the ''Insane orgasm'' of tastes I had in my mouth!
I will post pictures later, then buy a few Twixes to see if I can get it to do the same again!
I tell you, if you know how to do that please comment it, because it tasted so sweetly, like having a brand new chocolate bar! I think my next post will be on that, but Im unpredictable, as always!
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Chocolate for everybody!!


  1. That cake is pretty awesome! It's rainy and miserable here. I wish I lived near a beach!

  2. It's TROGDOR!!!!!

    I love this cake.

    And lucky for the beach day. Low 50's and looking like rain here...

  3. had to eat some chocolate after i was done with reading :)

  4. wow, that dragon cake is amazing! It kind of reminds me of a giant turd though, but still, the detail is is awesome! haha

  5. lucky, im waiting for the weather to get better

  6. Wow, the craziest chocolate sculture i have EVER seen!

  7. chocolate cake is the best.

  8. HELL YEAH Lets slay this Chocolaty Dragon !!!

  9. wow great looking dragon cake

  10. That looks both delicious and bad ass.

  11. That looks way too awesome to eat! lol.

  12. SO
    i'd kill for chocolate cake right now

  13. Instead of fire does it breathe creamy nougat?

  14. Cool Chocolade Plaatjes : DD
    Een mooie dag verder og Sturen kusjes ;*

  15. I love melted chocolate you say they can form all new taste sensations :)

  16. once, i had a melted choco bar in the car. when i went to eat it it was mush ... so i put on the air conditioning and held it in front of the vent.

    problem was solved

    chocolate was eaten in sold form :)

  17. Love the melted twix idea - would be tempted to try and do it on purpose.

  18. i haven't had cake in soooo long :(

  19. Dragons and Cake, I can't imagine a more delicious combinations. I'm following for the sake of humanity!

  20. that looks so awesome. dont think id eat it b/c it looks just so nice


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