Chocolate weaponry!

Okay so heres a treat for ya!
Recently Ive posted the gallery for people sexually oriented towards men, so I need to man up my blog a bit

So here is something I would catch a (chocolate) bullet for to have!
This is so AWESOME I cannot believe they won't sell this in my country (the law states stuff that resemble guns isn't allowed  without a permit) but I wonder if this counts....

Well enjoy this tasteful picture and just go wishing you had one!

Chocolate for everybody!!


Chocolate Gallery (Male)

Hey guys and girls! I am not very active at this moment, but I just wanted to complete my blog just a tad more, and include the male gallery!
Enjoy yourself with it, and if you dont like men covered in chocolate, just go to the female gallery =D

See you all around!

Chocolate for everybody!! -Chocotaster