About me!

I love chocolate!
Well hi there! Thanks for stopping by on my personal page. I sincerely hope you have a great day after reading this!

Well my name is Alex, and my pseudonym is Chocotaster.
Please note that this blog is NOT 18+, and I wish to keep it that way! If you find anything NSFW or adult material, please comment on it!
Maybe you guessed it, maybe you didn't, but this blog is about chocolate. I frikking love chocolate! I hope you do too! I also love hot babes. Hot babes and chocolate! Even better! I call these 'Chocobabes', and even tho it is not my idea to make them, it is a hobby of mine to collect them.
Find a part of my collection under the 'Gallery' section
I also love hot babes!

Also, I try to be informed on what happens in the chocolate world, but it just isn't my full-time job, so I will miss things, and be late with other things. Then again, this is not a news-site =)

This blog, Chocotaster is made for entertainment only! Everything I write here is my personal opinion and is probably biased in every way =D. When there is serious information I want to share, I post a link to another website, and you can read on there!

and ofcourse, I cannot exclude it here:

Chocolate for everybody!!

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