Big brands: Nestlé

The Nestle logo
I hear a lot about hershey's! Hershey this, Hershey that, I have never seen Hershey anywhere!
To be honoust, I had not even heard about it before I started this blog!
I think my next ''big brand'' post will be about hershey, because I am curious...
Yay, Nestle Milk =D

What I DO know is Nestlé! And they don't just do chocolate...
Find more about nestlé's products here
They do EVERYTHING (Over here)... Lion, KitKat, Milky Bars...
Nestlé owns about 6000 brands, including very well known ones like Felix(cat food), Nestea, Nesquick (chocolate milk)... oh well. you get the point, they are big.

Why am I posting about Nestlé? I really wish to inform everybody, that even tho we all like chocolate, not everybody has the same brand available. That includes me! I want to taste Hershey's, and know if its different from chocolate over here!


What I do know, is that Lion tastes so very very sweet, that I just love this company. Actually, I love all chocolate-producing companies, as long as they are not too expensive.
Also, chocolate nuts =D

Of course, there are others who dislike this company. Mainly because of some breastfeed-replacement. I really think all mothers should go all-natural, but that just my opinion
Read about the nestlé boycot, in western countries

Many European universities, colleges, and schools have banned the sale of Nestlé products from their shops and vending machines. In the United Kingdom, 73 student unions, 102 businesses, 30 faith groups, 20 health groups, 33 consumer groups, 18 local authorities, 12 trade unions, education groups, 31 MPs, and many celebrities support the Nestle boycott.
Ah well. I don't buy breastmilk, I don't really care...
Here's Cheryl Cole for you!
KittyKat! =D

Chocolate for everybody!! -Chocotaster


  1. looks like that chick loves nuts. lol.

  2. Nestle also makes dog food under the 'purina' label.

    Yes, the same company that is feeding you chocolate is feeding your puppies. Pray they don't use the same warehouse to manufacture both...

    Unless that's how they make the crunch bars so crunchy...

  3. I do see more hershey stuff here in the US than I do nestle. At least where chocolate is conserned. I may be off tho, as I don't keep up with chocolate products.

  4. I love KitKat... and those Kitty Kats too

  5. i think hershey is bigger than nestle
    Also is that a transvestite in the Nuts picture,i rather prefer to put a picture of Tim curry

  6. they are like the Pepsi of the soda world.. We use it a lot but ask someone to name a soda and most will say Coke.

  7. Nestle ftw, they produce the majority of my favorite chocolate

  8. I love Nestle.
    (Actually eating a KitKat right now^^)

  9. Wow Nestle is bigger then I thought.

  10. nestle crunch rocks

  11. That crazy about the boycott. Thanks for the post.

  12. if they don't want the breast milk replacement, then don't buy it. :|

  13. Nestle and Hershey's - FIGHT!
    I like Hershey's cocoa powder, but Nestle's chocolate chips. So much good chocolate out there!

  14. Nestle is a huge company... but I do like some of their stuff.

  15. I like the picture of the girlies.

  16. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA LOL@Duhniel S. yeah to be fait i thought the same thing, Tim curry and all

  17. Cheryl looks pretty in above photo.

  18. Apparently, they're being boycotted now for the use of aborted fetuses' cells and receptors in the testing of their products for stmulation. Along with Kraft and pepsi. There's actually nothing wrong with that, but people go on about retarded things.

  19. Glad to see you're still up and blogging plus a tasty new design... but... so many popups. >: I

  20. ✿[̲̅D̲̅][̲̅Z̲̅][̲̅I̲̅][̲̅E̲̅][̅Ń]✿


    ...Z dzisiejszymi pozdrowieniami
    przesyłam Tobie uśmiech radosny...
    ...dni są dłuższe, to znak
    że coraz bliżej wiosny...



    (¯`•♥•´¯) Życzę cudownej środy,
     `•.¸.•´   wiosennej i ciepłej..

  21. Every time I finish reading a post of yours, I get hungry. STOP IT.


  22. I wanted to ask you how you are getting on without adsense? I was also banned and I can't seem to even reach a dollar with alternative ad services.

  23. Many thanks, your reply was very helpful. I'm trying out Addynamo but if I try the popunder one I will use your link, definitely. Thanks again!

  24. Kitkat is probably one of my favorite chocolate treats.


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