Believe in miracles!

Well I'm just feeling up, no reason, don't need any! And when I stumbled across this video, I just thought ''I got to post this''

Now the band's name is ''Hot Chocolate'' =D how much better can it get? Well, the song is very well-known, because I already knew it myself, but I never knew what song it was. So here it is:
Hot Chocolate-You sexy thing
Have a great, good-feeling day!
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Chocolate for everybody!!



Okay sorry for freaking you out with my previous post, but I just found out how to use the bidvertiser ads on my site =D
Now this is the first adnetwork that I know how to add, and now I have ads again =)
Oh and ofcourse, I may not forget this, but as a winner of the Chocolate Strawberry Award, Shutterbug has won with 2 votes!!! Wow only 2 votes... next time Ill use a poll =)
So here it is, the feature I promised!

Shutterbug is a very nice lady, completely in love with hot men, and chocolate (she prefers both in one picture)! Her blog is one of the most addictive ones I have seen, and I think I have been there the most time of all other blogs! =D
Its a ''guess this'' game, and her special ability is making small things seem larger! Also, she has followed me for a VERY LONG TIME! I wish to personally thank you for this!!!
Here is an example, of her current post.
Do you know what this picture is? you can start guessing and place your guess here

Well if this goes all according to plan, the Chocotaster blog will be back up! Thanks for your support in the previous post, and for keeping me in the blogger community! Still, if anyone still knows an adnetwork, please comment!!!

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 Chocolate for everybody!!


Chocotaster's future

Well as some of you may have noticed, my advertisements are no longer here. If Google will not re-activate my Google-Adsense account, I will have to find a new publisher. If however, I am not able... I will not continue this blog...

I am terribly sorry for what I have done, Google :( Please forgive me! =(

Well for my visitors, (just in case) what other internet-advertisers are available? Because I will continue to enjoy my chocolate, but if I get no income from this, I will no longer share it with the world...

This may very well be my last post...

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Chocolate... for... everybody...*sniff*


All big inventions were invented unintentionally! The Twix Chocolate Platform!

*Update about my Twix Chocolate Platform*

Well as some of you may have read, I wanted to make a Twix Chocolate Platform (lets make it the shorter TCP for now)
The original TCP was a twix, that had been in my pocket/bag for too long, while I went to the beach, and some really hot places and the two twix bars fused into on epic Twix Chocolate Platform! While this is my first TCP, I had no idea how this (most epic tasting bar) came to be, and I wanted to make a video and share it with everybody! So you can make your very OWN TCPs!

There is however, one problem! I attempted my first recreation of the original TCP, and it failed... horribly...

I really did mess up a twix beyond eating pleasure! Dang! what a waste....
Now I will rethink my strategy, and try to come up with a better solution! I will recreate the TCP, which was one of the best chocolate bars I have had in my life, No matter the costs!

I took some pictures before ... sorry...

I mean while I was eating it! Now this result has GOT TO BE reachable! This bar tastes so good... you can't even imagine... I can... because I remember the TCP!

Original Twix Chocolate Platform 1

Original Twix Chocolate Platform 2

This is the theory... Now all I got to do is find out how I am going to do this!
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YES! 300! 300 Followers!

Yes this is something I made with MS paint... Don't judge me!

Well I hope your day is as AWESOME as mine, because I just got THREE-HUNDRED followers!
WOW! I never really thought it would get THIS far!
But now that it has, I think Im officially a ''Big blogger'', and that I am rolling with the big boys!
Well after you have read this, you've GOT to take one tiny piece of chocolate just to celebrate,
Come on, do it for me?
Ah well, anyways: I got this really awesome idea about making a ''how to'' for my ''Twix Chocolate Platform''
and Im only thinking wether or not I should make a video, or just some pictures and well placed commentary...

Everytime a new picture of a chocolate strawberry!

Well I recently got some ''Sunshine Awards''? I sincerely thank everybody who sent me one, however, ''forward this to 10 people'' is something I do NOT do!
In stead, I will make my own award!
The Chocotaster Chocolate Strawberry Award!
There are CERTAIN rules to this award:
(1) You cannot ask people to vote for you, or trade votes (like: I vote for you if you vote for me).
(2) You cannot vote for YOURSELF
(3) You MAY post your nomination on your blog, but you may NOT ask people to vote for you.
(4) You may ask to be nominated for this award, However if I find you too pushy, it might result in you not being nominated at all!
(5) The winner is decided by the most votes, if this is in consent with the administrator of the award.

If you have any additions to the rules, Please comment!

I hope this idea is liked, and I already have 4 nominees!
Big Mike!  Who quit smoking and is my 300st follower!!!!!!!
Duffboi! He gave me the Sunshine Award!
Shutterbug,  She gave me the Sunshine Award!
Astronomy Pirate, He gave me the Sunshine Award!

The winner of the Chocotaster Chocolate Strawberry Award will not receive chocolate strawberries...
He or she will win:
A complete feature, and review of their blog!
As I don't follow blogs I don't like, the review has a 143.9% chance of being positive!
If I should CHANGE the winning prize, please comment, However this is the only thing I can think of currently...

So now I ask of you, all 300 of my followers:

Should I make the video, or post pictures?
Who should win the Chocotaster Chocolate Strawberry Award?

Chocolate for everybody!!


Mothers Day!

Yeaah! Its mothersday in chocoland!

This is one of my favorite times, where I buy all sorts of chocolate, and nobody even looks at me funny! =D
But enough of that, lets focus on this fantastic day! Its the second sunday of March and this means it IS mothersday! I hope you spoil your mother as much as I try to do!

Now I could blog about good gifts to give, what not to give or I could give just any amount of usefull information! But I will not do that! In stead, I am going to show you guys these wonderfull chocolate cakes, and give you guys some websites!

I must say, if you are already too late, you might want to write these websites down for next year, and really suprise your entire family with a 10'' cake (thats 25.4 cm), and be the man of the family!
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Dragon Chocolate Cake

Yay its nice weather, Yay its Queens Day, Yay for all of those things, but this blog is about chocolate!!!
I wouldn't want you guys to be missing your daily portion of chocolate!

Wow thanks M9000!
Well I came across this art blog, asking for ideas, and I asked him to draw the most EPIC chocolate cake he had ever seen! I did not think he would deliver....

Well he did! He made this chocolate dragon cake (with a tad of chili flavor) as the finishing touch!
Well you might just think like hmwa, its just a Dragon(Epic) Chocolate (tasty) on a Chocolate cake(need I even explain?) He ALSO wants to make this like a normal chocolate cake, and make the dragon with coloured frosting (I hope theres a cook up to that)! Just IMAGINE having this superlicious chocolate cake in your livingroom, just waiting to be eaten!
Check out this very interesting blog!
A very interesting blog!

But this is not the only chocolate dragon cake I want to show you! heres another one! This one was not especially made for me but this one is (almost) Just as epic!

Well as you might have noticed I have been blogging a tad less, because the weather is so awesome here, im on the beach all day! =D
That does not mean I take a brake from eating chocolate!
I recently forgot a piece of chocolate that was in my pocket, (A twix no less) and it melted... TOGETHER!
So the two twix pieces became one huge caramell-chocolate-cookie-twix PLATFORM! You don't even know the ''Insane orgasm'' of tastes I had in my mouth!
I will post pictures later, then buy a few Twixes to see if I can get it to do the same again!
I tell you, if you know how to do that please comment it, because it tasted so sweetly, like having a brand new chocolate bar! I think my next post will be on that, but Im unpredictable, as always!
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Chocolate for everybody!!