Okay sorry for freaking you out with my previous post, but I just found out how to use the bidvertiser ads on my site =D
Now this is the first adnetwork that I know how to add, and now I have ads again =)
Oh and ofcourse, I may not forget this, but as a winner of the Chocolate Strawberry Award, Shutterbug has won with 2 votes!!! Wow only 2 votes... next time Ill use a poll =)
So here it is, the feature I promised!

Shutterbug is a very nice lady, completely in love with hot men, and chocolate (she prefers both in one picture)! Her blog is one of the most addictive ones I have seen, and I think I have been there the most time of all other blogs! =D
Its a ''guess this'' game, and her special ability is making small things seem larger! Also, she has followed me for a VERY LONG TIME! I wish to personally thank you for this!!!
Here is an example, of her current post.
Do you know what this picture is? you can start guessing and place your guess here

Well if this goes all according to plan, the Chocotaster blog will be back up! Thanks for your support in the previous post, and for keeping me in the blogger community! Still, if anyone still knows an adnetwork, please comment!!!

(= Don't forget to vote ''good post'' or ''bad post''
 Chocolate for everybody!!


  1. i dislike her posts, i never get them

  2. glad u r back....and that you brought that chick covered in chocolate :)

  3. Glad to see your still posting. Lost too many cool blogs this month.

  4. I was about to visit that blog but then I saw the chocolate girl and forgot about everything else.

  5. Oh my word, that woman with covered in chocolate!!!
    I check that blog everyday, it's so much fun to try and guess but I rarely get it right.

  6. I think shutterbug owes us a 'naked-yet-drenched-in-chocolate' pose, for being featured here.

    Whaddaya say???

    My Own Private Idaho

  7. good to see that you haven't quit, and great to see shutterbug featured!

  8. Great to see a familiar face win.

  9. i have no clue how all that adword stuff works but glad you figures it out and are sticking sround i need my chocolate fix

    My Life

  10. glad to see your back! remember, I support!

  11. Glad to hear you're going to stick around! Though bidvertiser ads are kind of annoying.

    And congrats to Shutterbug!

  12. Glad to hear your sticking around. Dang that's one hot picture you placed in this post. Wow.

  13. I think your blog is better than most mmm

  14. sorry about the BAN HAMMER coming down on you. Glad you're still going though.

  15. I love her blog but sometimes the clues are too vague.
    I got that one, however! :3

    Today's a toughie. >:/

  16. Yeah im with MRanthrope but lucky for us, your still here so lets get cracking Eating a Reeses peanut butter cup in you honor my friend.

  17. I love her blog :D I'm terrible at it, but i still love it

  18. Thank you to the 2 voters that nominated me for the Chocolate Strawberry Award! I feel so special and loved! Btw elexerdelex, I'm so happy that you decided to stick around. You are one of my favourite ones!

    @Lost.In.Idaho: That picture of the chocolate girl is actually me! ;)

    @PeaceLoveandSharpies: I will work on giving better clues!

    @Colin Biano: I like your blog too! :)

  19. Now just try to stay on the good side of bitvertiser or whatever it's called.


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