YES! 300! 300 Followers!

Yes this is something I made with MS paint... Don't judge me!

Well I hope your day is as AWESOME as mine, because I just got THREE-HUNDRED followers!
WOW! I never really thought it would get THIS far!
But now that it has, I think Im officially a ''Big blogger'', and that I am rolling with the big boys!
Well after you have read this, you've GOT to take one tiny piece of chocolate just to celebrate,
Come on, do it for me?
Ah well, anyways: I got this really awesome idea about making a ''how to'' for my ''Twix Chocolate Platform''
and Im only thinking wether or not I should make a video, or just some pictures and well placed commentary...

Everytime a new picture of a chocolate strawberry!

Well I recently got some ''Sunshine Awards''? I sincerely thank everybody who sent me one, however, ''forward this to 10 people'' is something I do NOT do!
In stead, I will make my own award!
The Chocotaster Chocolate Strawberry Award!
There are CERTAIN rules to this award:
(1) You cannot ask people to vote for you, or trade votes (like: I vote for you if you vote for me).
(2) You cannot vote for YOURSELF
(3) You MAY post your nomination on your blog, but you may NOT ask people to vote for you.
(4) You may ask to be nominated for this award, However if I find you too pushy, it might result in you not being nominated at all!
(5) The winner is decided by the most votes, if this is in consent with the administrator of the award.

If you have any additions to the rules, Please comment!

I hope this idea is liked, and I already have 4 nominees!
Big Mike!  Who quit smoking and is my 300st follower!!!!!!!
Duffboi! He gave me the Sunshine Award!
Shutterbug,  She gave me the Sunshine Award!
Astronomy Pirate, He gave me the Sunshine Award!

The winner of the Chocotaster Chocolate Strawberry Award will not receive chocolate strawberries...
He or she will win:
A complete feature, and review of their blog!
As I don't follow blogs I don't like, the review has a 143.9% chance of being positive!
If I should CHANGE the winning prize, please comment, However this is the only thing I can think of currently...

So now I ask of you, all 300 of my followers:

Should I make the video, or post pictures?
Who should win the Chocotaster Chocolate Strawberry Award?

Chocolate for everybody!!


  1. I think making the video is a great idea.

  2. congrats, and those are good nominations. you have the problem, i mean honor of deciding among the four. ;)

  3. @Jay
    The essence of this award is that I do not choose, but the commenters choose (Oh just got another rule, Anonymous votes do NOT count)
    The only reason for rule #5 is that the other rules are being followed, and that if they are broken, I can either cancel votes or, worst case scenario, cancel an entire nomination.
    I will not make a poll for this because then I cannot verify rule #1 and #2

  4. Congratulations, I'll be 301 I take it?

  5. The world needs a chocolate strawberry award! I love your blog! Every time I read it I always crave chocolate shortly after. lol.

  6. congrats dude...300 wow! I love the 300 follower poster, amazing :)

  7. Shutterbug wins all the awards! Boooooooo!

  8. Gratz on the followers Bro. And the awards as well.

  9. 302 followers now :D grats mate awesome blog :)

  10. good job and congrats!

    btw like the 300 logo u used for that ^^

  11. Spartans: THIS. IS. CHOCOLATE!!!!

    Congrats man. I hope the next 300 is as cool as us first 300.

  12. Congratulations! Your army of 300 is a powerful force indeed.
    As for who should get your award, I'd just like to refer you to my posts on chocolate eclairs, and Swedish chocolate cake, and chocolate macarons. A vote for me is a vote for more chocolate recipes!

  13. I think the winner of the award should win some chocolate!
    Also I think the one that should winner the chocolate strawberry award is a blogger who post the sexiest male hunks!

  14. Congrats! I was wondering what this Sunshine award thing was all about...

  15. congratulations on your 300. I missed your tasty posts.

  16. Congratulations! That's a mighty big number!!

  17. Dang, I guess you really are moving up. We need more chocolate. Also, excited to be in the running.

    (BTW shutterbug's picture game thingy is addicting and should win.)

  18. Jeeze, 300 is alot, way to go!

  19. Nice of you to create your own award.....gets me think i should do that as well! kicking rocks in chocolate!

  20. Congrats chocotaster, I would vote for shatterbug though. I like the game, and even once I used it to play with my little cousin.

  21. Congrats on 300 Followers! Great blog

  22. Hey Congrats bro Keep up the good work i propose a Chocolate Toast to you mi man CHEERS

  23. congratulations on 300 follwoers!

  24. congrats to the most delicious blog online...

  25. Congratulations, it's a big accomplishment. I only have less than 1/3 your followers... :(

  26. best chocolate freeek

  27. Guess it depends how you want to commentate it. By text (with pictures) or verbally (in a video). Either way works. Maybe one way would be less messy? If that's the case, I'd go for the least messy way. hehe. And thanx for the nomination! :)


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