Queens Day!

Beatrix a little less orange
Queen Beatrix from Orange!
I have spoken to some people out of the Netherlands, but they all did not seem to know that the Netherlands actually have a Royal Family, a queen, a crown prince, married to a princess and they also have children (which are not yet direct inheritors of the throne. But thats not important today! Because today was Queens Day! Millions of people were out on the street celebrating the birthdate of the Queen on April the 30th.
Now Queen Beatrix van Oranje-Nassau used to be married to Prince Claus, but he passed away. Our Crown Prince is Prince Willem-Alexander van Oranje-Nassau
The ''Golden Carriage'', not made of real gold, because then it would be too heavy! (every dutch person learns this in school)
They had the money to buy one made of gold, but then the axis would not be able to handle the weight of the pure gold carriage.

Well this is NOT a holiday for chocolate, but just a very fun day to be in the Netherlands, and to taste a little ''orange'' culture!
Why orange you ask? Have you ever seen Dutch people in sports? Or at anything nationalistic for Holland?
If you said yes, you know they are all ORANGE! If you said no, Ive got some pictures for you!

World Cup 2010 (the Bavaria Babes who were arrested for sneak-marketing of a diffrent beer-brand (Bavaria) then the official sponsor (Heineken)
Queensday crowd (they are orange if you did not notice)

The Orange Legion (the people) never lets the Lion (Holland) stand alone!

Miss Holland!

The picture explains itself
 Now you might wonder: Why the F*CK are all of these INSANE people (Guys wearing fake boobs, drunk people and people that make A LOT of mess) wearing ORANGE? why ORANGE?

Well the answer to ALL of Hollands nationalistic events are covered in orange is because of...

Our Royal Family!

Their last name is ''van Oranje-Nassau'' (translates to ''from Orange-Nassau''). The Royal Family is so very dutch, that dutch people don't even notice it anymore, that there aren't a lot of europe countries with a royal family (France is very proud they killed every last one). On the other hand, you might notice that the United Kingdom's Royal Family recently had a wedding...
So I hope to educate the people of blogger, the people roaming the internets, that Holland DOES have a Royal Family, and their last name!

So maybe if you ever wanted to go to Holland, plan your trip for next year April 30st, and taste the REAL Dutch culture (and not that windmill stuff)
The next time you see a crowd of crazy orange people, you can almost certainly say: They are from Holland!

Very Dutch: Orange + Tulips!

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OhMyGoozies! Chocolate!
Hey how is everybody doing? Today is Easter! there are many meanings behind easter, especially to christian people! Even tho I am not christian, I definiatly like easter!
Easter is the central feast in the Christian liturgical year. According to the Canonical gospelsJesus rose from the dead on the third day after his crucifixion. His resurrection is celebrated on Easter Day or Easter Sunday (also Resurrection Day or Resurrection Sunday). The chronology of his death and resurrection is variously interpreted to be between AD 26 and 36.

Easter marks the end of Lent, a forty-day period of fasting, prayer, and penance. The last week of the Lent is called Holy Week, and it contains Good Friday, commemorating the crucifixion and death of Jesus. Easter is followed by fifty-day period called Eastertide or the Easter Season, ending with Pentecost Sunday.

But this is NOT the reason I like Easter so much, in fact, Im not even religious! What I DO love is the EASTER BUNNY!

Woof! I'm the easter bunny!
The Easter Bunny or Easter Hare (sometimes Spring Bunny in the U.S.) is a character depicted as a rabbit bringing Easter eggs, who sometimes is depicted with clothes. In legend, the creature brings baskets filled with colored eggs, candy and sometimes also toys to the homes of children, and as such shows similarities to Father Christmas, as they both bring gifts to children on the night before their respective holiday.

Well that sounds to me like... CHOCOLATE EGGS!! =D
This really is just another holiday so you have an excuse to eat chocolate once again!!
These are pretty common Easter Bunny's: Fashionably black or pink
I wonder where my egg will be hidden?

Well the egg to the right is the egg Im going to get from the easter bunny, well at least thats what she promised me!
After it was done it was hardly eatable because it was made outside. It was made out of 50000 bars.

Another Easter Bunny (=
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Ages for chocolate

Now usually a lot of people tend to think that something is only for certain ages,

Like watching Disney Movies is only for kids, riding in a shopping mall cart is only for very small kids, using the MCdonalds ballparks, doing anything that is meant for kids is not meant for grown-ups

but NOTHING can be less true, I dare you to watch the Lion King again, and youll cry! Riding in a shopping mall cart will get you on Jackass, using the MCdonalds ballparks will make kids think you are so cool!

But what about chocolate?

Well as the pictures may already show you,
Well chocolate is for ALL ages (except baby's), all genders, all humans, as you may say, because feeding chocolate to dogs is NOT a good idea. cats don't like chocolate either! (they will eat it, they will DIE).

So I hope when you get old you won't be thinking
 ''ill save this chocolate for my grandkids'',
 but instead you will think
''Yummi this chocolate taste so great, I hope my grandkids won't be on time to eat it''

Have a great day!

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Cacoa Prices

Yes its time for the almighty long economic post about chocolate prices!

Ivory Coast is one of the biggest producers of chocolate in the world!
The civil war
But it seems that after the political unrest in Ivory coast had brought up prices for a bit! Everybody was very worried about the upcomming chocolate prices, especially the last couple of months, there was a huge rise in prices for cacoa beans!

That would mean, that EVERYTHING made out of chocolate, would become more expensive which would be bad... very bad to my wallet!

Well thats not the worst of this story, because there was a civil war in the Ivory Coast, which was mainly on killing civilians, hiring mercenaries and basically was an all-out war.... About the same as Lybia now has, but this one had a lot less media attention.
Outtara had put a ban on cacao export, so that gbagbo could no longer receive income from the chocolate sector, because of the drop of cacao supplies, the prices went up.
Former President Laurent Gbagbo

But now he has been captured
On 11 April, Ouattara's forces stormed Gbagbo's residence and arrested him. The final assault was assisted by French forces using helicopters and armoured vehicles, although the actual capture was made by Ouattara's troops. Gbagbo, his wife, son and about 50 members of his entourage were captured unharmed and were taken to the Golf Hotel, Ouattara's headquarters, where they were placed under United Nations guard.

A soldier guarding POW's

President Outtara
Well thats that, and now that Outtara's in control, and Gbagbo has been moved out of the way, the export of cacao can continue, and hopefully the prices will drop again!

Here are the daily prices of cacao from the International Cacao Organisation ICCO

Well I had a very busy week, and I hope 
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Mondays =D 275 followers!

Yay Chocotaster features me!
Wow am I going to post a ''yay I got more followers'' every week?
Would be awesome tho!

well here it goes
Yay 275! I welcome all the new followers, just a short summary of what my blog is about
-random stuff

well lets get the first things first:
I got featured! By BuxTux! his blog is about... blogging?!?
Yay thanks bux!
Well this is my short post for today :) I hope you enjoy the pictures ;)

This chocolate is DELICIOUS!

Wow 2nd time in a post! I must be hot!

its a chocolate man!

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Oh and for those that did not know... CLICKING on a picture will MAGNIFY it!


Weekend! (a tad NSFW)

Whoohoo Riding a dinosaur!
YES! The weekend is neigh!
This means a couple of things! But most importantly of all, it means that my weekend post is up again! Yay aren't we all happy now?

The recap of this week:
Whoohoo 250 followers, there are loads of hot girls in this post! (now Im almost at 275, yay!)
My favorite chocolate bar, and some hot blonde women!
The poll statistics, and a little rambling, about comments and the results of the poll
Gwyneth Paltrow people!
Okay next week will be a little more chocolate, as I was not in the mood for chocolate this week...
 Chocolate for everybody!!


Chocolate Iron Man and Gwyneth Paltrow...

I think it's time to share a little secret about me,
I love Iron Man! There are several reasons why I love this dude, one of those reasons is because this one ==>
<== And this one
Is made out of chocolate!
Now who does not love Iron man?

Now there are more reasons why I love this movie!
One of those reasons is his HOT assistant,
  Gwyneth Paltrow!

Well in short the movie is about this gun-producing company, and its genius leader, Tony Stark. Tony makes a lot of weapons, and not everybody is happy with that, so he gets kidnapped, makes a kick-ass suit, and escapes from a cave!
That may not sound like much, but the cave is heavily guarded, and the suit becomes useless, so he goes home and perfects it...
But there are other people who want this technology, and I only spoiled the first 10 minutes of the movie!
If you want to know more, go watch the movie!!!
This bed is really comfy!

This picture illustrates Tony Stark (center) at his best

I hope you will watch Iron man, if you have not yet! I tell you, its a great movie!

Iron Man 2.... A little less realistic, A little more action, A little less story... Overall, not as good as the original movie (Iron Man (2008))

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Poll Statistics! Whats on my mind...

I got this one from
The Poll! That huge thing on top of my blog! I hope you all voted so far, if you did not, please do!

Well so far the Chocobabes are head and shoulders above the rest! (no suprise there)

But unfortunately, Soon even I wont be able to find beauty covered by chocolate...

So Ill go to normal hot girls ;-)! and keep the chocolate on the side!

Now second are the Pandas with Lasers Wait what?!?! Pandas with lasers? okay I did that one in there because I was feeling random! but it seems you really like them so...

So far 3rd is the ''less to read (more pics)'' and the ''games'' section, so I will post about that!

But this post is a lot of text, it would be nice if you read it, but I cannot force you to!

Chocobabes (female)
  28 (75%)
Chocohunks (male)
  7 (18%)
Just chocolate
  7 (18%)
More to read (less pics)
  4 (10%)
Less to read (more pics)
  9 (24%)
Pandas with lasers
  11 (29%)
More music (chocolate related)
  4 (10%)
Games (like ''guess this chocolate'' or ''how many squares does this chocolate bar have'')
  9 (24%)

Well then we have the ''Just chocolate'' and the Chocohunks (male)
Well I know what Shutterbug voted for, but it seems like its not the most wanted thing on this blog (this does not mean I won't post it, because there are still people who wished for this!)

Well and last is... music...
It seems you don't wish for music on a chocolate blog... Well I can live with that, so there won't be a lot of music posts anymore....

Well a LONG time ago, somebody commented me!
Anonymouse said...
cool blog, now following. what's your favorite type of chocolate? 
 I replied, saying I would post about this.... Still haunted me I did not so far!
Well my favorite kind is milk, next comes white chocolate, after that comes pure :( I don't really like pure, but because it has higher cacoa contents, I might just eat it more often...
Thatoneguy said...
Congratz on the 200 followers, also I love Chocolate and hot girls D:

This girl is so hot, I feel the need to post her again!
This guy made me laugh! He did not even remember the correct number of followers I had, because he was so stunned by all the chocobabes! I feel like he will visit my blog a lot more :)

Rohmy said...
sooo... it seems my prediction (i made on your 175 followers- post) becomes reality *hehehe* :P R.
And Rhomy was absolutely right! She can see like in the future!

Well this comments are the ones that really stuck to me (:. But all the others are very nice to have, and I might feature your future comments later!
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Twix Chocolate Bar

Good day everybody!!

Today I want to post my all-time favorite, chocolate bar, the Twix!
This bar contains

Why did they not call it the C bar? Because ''Twix'' sounds just so f*cking awesome!

I'm not crazy, IM A TWIX!!!
Ive seen this model before, I might post about her

How does it taste you ask?
Well depends on how you hold it,
The THREE ways of eating a TWIX
if you hold it normally, your front-teeth sink in the caramel, and  you crack off the cookie, when it melts in your mouth, its MADNESS! probably as sweet as the chocobabes on this page!

Back to tasting,
You can also try holding it sideways for a change! this way the cookie breaks off, and your front teeth are not covered in caramel, but it all lands onto your tongue! now you have pure caramel madness!

Well then we have the last part, (if you have a piece left) and you can hold it UPSIDE DOWN!

Wow I want that costume... and that girl!

This way the caramel sinks into your bottom teeth, immediatly touching your tongue, and you eat the caramel first, and the chocolate cookie last!

The two ways of swallowing a TWIX

First off: The quick way!
You chew, and it becomes one big caramel-chocolate mess in your mouth! this ends up in eating a lot of pieces in a short time!

Second off: The enjoyers way!
You sob, And sob, and sob... and you taste ALL the caramel, and all the chocolate, just too bad you end up just having cookie in your mouth =(... But then you can always take another bite!!! =D

People voted for this....

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Chocolate for everybody!!


250 Followers! Fanservice!!

Neither did I!
Wow... I never thought my small chocolate blog would grow out to be this humungus chocolate BEAST!

 So this post, goes out to all loyal supporters,
These include, but are not solely:
G (bar science)
Banacek (Beasts in Human Skin)
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Eindb44s (stopped posting)
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Moob (Serious about his game)
Jujjzz (the pokemon masterererer)
And ofcourse YOU! If your name did not pass, I'm too lazy to write it down, but be not afraid, I love all 250 equally! Don't be mad at me :'(
In stead of posting your name up here, I will be checking up on supporters, and ofcourse, $upport back!
So you will see me on your blog, I hope soon!!!
=D so here are some chocobabes!!!
I'm a dirtbike girl, but thats brown too right?
Want some coco?

Why am I even in this post?


This chocolate is great!
Theres chocolate in this picture, but I still have to find it...

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