Queens Day!

Beatrix a little less orange
Queen Beatrix from Orange!
I have spoken to some people out of the Netherlands, but they all did not seem to know that the Netherlands actually have a Royal Family, a queen, a crown prince, married to a princess and they also have children (which are not yet direct inheritors of the throne. But thats not important today! Because today was Queens Day! Millions of people were out on the street celebrating the birthdate of the Queen on April the 30th.
Now Queen Beatrix van Oranje-Nassau used to be married to Prince Claus, but he passed away. Our Crown Prince is Prince Willem-Alexander van Oranje-Nassau
The ''Golden Carriage'', not made of real gold, because then it would be too heavy! (every dutch person learns this in school)
They had the money to buy one made of gold, but then the axis would not be able to handle the weight of the pure gold carriage.

Well this is NOT a holiday for chocolate, but just a very fun day to be in the Netherlands, and to taste a little ''orange'' culture!
Why orange you ask? Have you ever seen Dutch people in sports? Or at anything nationalistic for Holland?
If you said yes, you know they are all ORANGE! If you said no, Ive got some pictures for you!

World Cup 2010 (the Bavaria Babes who were arrested for sneak-marketing of a diffrent beer-brand (Bavaria) then the official sponsor (Heineken)
Queensday crowd (they are orange if you did not notice)

The Orange Legion (the people) never lets the Lion (Holland) stand alone!

Miss Holland!

The picture explains itself
 Now you might wonder: Why the F*CK are all of these INSANE people (Guys wearing fake boobs, drunk people and people that make A LOT of mess) wearing ORANGE? why ORANGE?

Well the answer to ALL of Hollands nationalistic events are covered in orange is because of...

Our Royal Family!

Their last name is ''van Oranje-Nassau'' (translates to ''from Orange-Nassau''). The Royal Family is so very dutch, that dutch people don't even notice it anymore, that there aren't a lot of europe countries with a royal family (France is very proud they killed every last one). On the other hand, you might notice that the United Kingdom's Royal Family recently had a wedding...
So I hope to educate the people of blogger, the people roaming the internets, that Holland DOES have a Royal Family, and their last name!

So maybe if you ever wanted to go to Holland, plan your trip for next year April 30st, and taste the REAL Dutch culture (and not that windmill stuff)
The next time you see a crowd of crazy orange people, you can almost certainly say: They are from Holland!

Very Dutch: Orange + Tulips!

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  1. Nou, wat mooie foto's zo kleurrijk en vol leven ; ******
    Alexander is een prachtig gedaan;)
    Zeer mooi en honderd jaar voor de Koningin; *

  2. I have been hearing about queens day all day! :D

  3. ah the weather!
    Queens day looks fun...hope you're having a great time (:

  4. I never knew this.

    I'd prefer orang over red/white/blue...

  5. never really put the orange 'n netherlands together ... i guess the same as us 'n red.

  6. there is a disturbing lack of chocolate in this post

  7. good info, and NICE colorful pics lol...lots of orange

  8. MOAR ORANGE CHICKS.. That was pretty nice to know, though.

  9. ugh, Royal families.... no more. a3

  10. Queen Beatrix van Oranje-Nassau...that is one hell of a vantastic it;)

  11. nice pics, i heard japan also has a royal family

  12. I have never seen so much orange. I did know there was a royal family though.

    P.S I drew that cake you wanted :P

  13. Nederlanders are indeed very blessed. happy queens day! :D

  14. hot chicks in europe man. seriously

  15. The Royal Family is so very dutch.... really?

  16. @SOMS well in reality prince Claus was a german, and the current princess Maximá is argentinian....

  17. Queens day huh chocolate day is every day then?

  18. happy queens day by the way! :)

  19. pff this looks insane, wish we would have something like that :<

  20. Hooray for protestants... I mean hooray for orange!

  21. i never knew that. that looks like a beautiful carriage

  22. Haha, I have to agree with France on this one!

  23. Never knew about Holland and their Orange and Royal Family. I'll keep that in mind, if I every see a group dressed in orange tho! hehe. good post


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