Fathers day!

                  Yay! It is fathers day!

If you are a daddy yourself, HAPPY DAY!!!!
Chocolate for everybody!! -Chocotaster


Chocobabes! Chocobabes everywhere!

Hey, just a quick update:
I have made a gallery! Featuring 'Women & chocolate'!
Yes I will create one for 'men & chocolate' later on, in a different gallery. Just wish to see how this one does first!

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Chocolate for everybody!!


Big brands: Nestlé

The Nestle logo
I hear a lot about hershey's! Hershey this, Hershey that, I have never seen Hershey anywhere!
To be honoust, I had not even heard about it before I started this blog!
I think my next ''big brand'' post will be about hershey, because I am curious...
Yay, Nestle Milk =D

What I DO know is Nestlé! And they don't just do chocolate...
Find more about nestlé's products here
They do EVERYTHING (Over here)... Lion, KitKat, Milky Bars...
Nestlé owns about 6000 brands, including very well known ones like Felix(cat food), Nestea, Nesquick (chocolate milk)... oh well. you get the point, they are big.

Why am I posting about Nestlé? I really wish to inform everybody, that even tho we all like chocolate, not everybody has the same brand available. That includes me! I want to taste Hershey's, and know if its different from chocolate over here!


What I do know, is that Lion tastes so very very sweet, that I just love this company. Actually, I love all chocolate-producing companies, as long as they are not too expensive.
Also, chocolate nuts =D

Of course, there are others who dislike this company. Mainly because of some breastfeed-replacement. I really think all mothers should go all-natural, but that just my opinion
Read about the nestlé boycot, in western countries

Many European universities, colleges, and schools have banned the sale of Nestlé products from their shops and vending machines. In the United Kingdom, 73 student unions, 102 businesses, 30 faith groups, 20 health groups, 33 consumer groups, 18 local authorities, 12 trade unions, education groups, 31 MPs, and many celebrities support the Nestle boycott.
Ah well. I don't buy breastmilk, I don't really care...
Here's Cheryl Cole for you!
KittyKat! =D

Chocolate for everybody!! -Chocotaster


Chocolait Chips

Chocolait Chips from Nestle
Well I have been eating chocolate for quite some time, and one of the best chocolates I have EVER tasted, are these chips. Now, its not just the chocolate that drives my head wild, its the super-smart packaging container, what makes me want to have this time and time again!

The packaging
Yes that are 21 twixes, and yes I need those!
Focus on the chips!
The packaging is epic! Just see the video above, its unlike anything you encounter in the supermarkets! It is a hexagon-shaped box, with the top and bottom slightly dented. If you pull the top or bottom (it is symetrical) you can get to the inside, where there is a gold-coulered bag. Open this bag and you will reach the chocolate chips!
What I always do, is to leave them in the bag, and put the bag back in the box, so you can enjoy them for several days. Note that mine don't last several days anymore.
Now please realise that not everybody likes these chocolait chips, everybody has their own personal taste. You either love these, or you hate them (later explained). What makes these so special is that they don't taste like regular chocolate. They are, I quote the packaging:
Crisped cereal chips coated with milk chocolate (50%), decorated with plain chocolate.
The chocolait chips inside the bag

The taste
When you bite one, it crunches in your mouth. If, after this, you immediatly swallow, the chocolate will remain in your mouth, and if you don't like them, it means you have a bad taste in your mouth for quite some time. If you do like them, enjoy the aftertaste. It is epic...
With this prolonged aftertaste, you can get the maximum enjoyment out of these chips, and you don't have to eat much to enjoy them a lot.
I found this on the internet, but I
do not know how this tastes.

The inside, consistent of cereal and milkchocolate

On the other side, if they don't suit your tastes, you will have a bad, almost sour-like taste in your mouth for about three minutes. So don't start off with more then 1 chip, or you'll hate yourself for that!

I just finished a box of them...
Chocolate for everybody!! -Chocotaster


Toblerone white, try or not?

Well hi everybody!
Recently I walked into a night shop (a shop open during the night), and I thought I walked into a dream!!! Does anybody know about white Toblerone bars? I didn't, but now I do!! But as you can see, in this picture the very popular Mentos, and regular Toblerone are sold, but it seems the black toblerone (pure chocolate) and the white toblerone (white chocolate) are still very stacked! Because of this I first believed that these are not as good as regular toblerones!

So I went down to Toblerone and Im trying to figure out if I should buy the white toblerones or not, because frankly, I don't want to waste money on a bad chocolate bar!
Swiss white chocolate with honey and almond nougat (10%)
Ingredients: Sugar, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, honey (3%), almonds (1.6%), emulsifier (soya lecithin), egg white, flavouring (vanillin)  

Well that does not help a lot...
So I continue to investigate:
On amazon these are the number of stars given to this bar

5 star:
4 star:
3 star:  (0)
2 star:
1 star:  (0)

That sounds pretty nice, loads of four and five stars given out to this bar! Now this is peaking my curiosity! But ofcourse, having more then one source is always a must, if you research anything! so finally, I go to chocolatemission which gives this bar an 8.3 out of 10! 
Well this just makes my day! When I saw this in the store, I thought it would be a waste of my money to buy this, but now I think my very own review will be coming very soon!!!
Couldn't find anything with white chocolate... Forgive me?
Did any of you ever taste a white Toblerone? How did it taste? Should I try it?
Chocolate for everybody!!-Chocotaster