Chocolait Chips

Chocolait Chips from Nestle
Well I have been eating chocolate for quite some time, and one of the best chocolates I have EVER tasted, are these chips. Now, its not just the chocolate that drives my head wild, its the super-smart packaging container, what makes me want to have this time and time again!

The packaging
Yes that are 21 twixes, and yes I need those!
Focus on the chips!
The packaging is epic! Just see the video above, its unlike anything you encounter in the supermarkets! It is a hexagon-shaped box, with the top and bottom slightly dented. If you pull the top or bottom (it is symetrical) you can get to the inside, where there is a gold-coulered bag. Open this bag and you will reach the chocolate chips!
What I always do, is to leave them in the bag, and put the bag back in the box, so you can enjoy them for several days. Note that mine don't last several days anymore.
Now please realise that not everybody likes these chocolait chips, everybody has their own personal taste. You either love these, or you hate them (later explained). What makes these so special is that they don't taste like regular chocolate. They are, I quote the packaging:
Crisped cereal chips coated with milk chocolate (50%), decorated with plain chocolate.
The chocolait chips inside the bag

The taste
When you bite one, it crunches in your mouth. If, after this, you immediatly swallow, the chocolate will remain in your mouth, and if you don't like them, it means you have a bad taste in your mouth for quite some time. If you do like them, enjoy the aftertaste. It is epic...
With this prolonged aftertaste, you can get the maximum enjoyment out of these chips, and you don't have to eat much to enjoy them a lot.
I found this on the internet, but I
do not know how this tastes.

The inside, consistent of cereal and milkchocolate

On the other side, if they don't suit your tastes, you will have a bad, almost sour-like taste in your mouth for about three minutes. So don't start off with more then 1 chip, or you'll hate yourself for that!

I just finished a box of them...
Chocolate for everybody!! -Chocotaster


  1. I've never heard of these. I'd like to try em tho if I ever come across em.

  2. makes me wanna eat chocolate right now... w8 ill do it! :)

  3. would like to taste these

  4. I might give them a chance if I happen to find them.

  5. Damn I could do with some of those right now!

  6. This is the first time I've heard of them Chocolait Chips. I don't think they sell them in Canada! :(

  7. good god those look awesome :)

  8. they don't look that appealing in that light. ;)

  9. They are good, but hand-dipped potato chips are much better. That way, you get to choose the chocolate!

  10. im with Jay, looks abit like turds but who nows

  11. i eat chocolate chips straight out of the bag

    Everyday Life

  12. Someone really really smart made came up with this!

  13. Never seen them but wouldn't mind a taste.

  14. mhhh this loooks delicious :) wanna have a bite

  15. wow, this sounds genius. I gotta track some of these down.

  16. Super!

    With us there is no such thing ; ))

    Jouwe en smakelijke .. !! ☻

  17. Wow they look lovely. Your blog always makes me hungry!

  18. I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahem, cough, I to share?


  19. Ohh dude im hungry and its your fault
    Hope you make me something to eat :c

  20. this really is the BEST !!! dont know where i can find this again though.. :((( used to have it a lot when i was a kid.. but now i dont see it anywhere anymore :(

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