I found something!!! Something NEW!!

Wow, what would you know! Theres this thing called ''cake''!
Now after some research, I've found out that this ''cake'' is meant for only one thing! Chocolate!
Somehow people tend to do other flavours in their cake (Other flavors = blegh) but I suppose everybody gets to have their own  flavoured chocolate cake
So here is the site where you can pick your own way to make your very own cake in any (chocolate) flavour!

Does she really look like that?

Well I seem to have noticed somebody featuring me, and I try to always feature back, so lets get it on!
Theres this really sweet and currently sick swedish girl who calls herself Jujjzz (Yep that sounds like a good name for chocolate), Unfortunately, her blog does not contain any chocolate! =(
But thats no reason to not go there, because she talks about pokémon.... a lot... and pokémon are awesome!
And somehow this is her blog aswell?
Chocolate cake, Jujjzz or a gameboy with pokémon? You guessed it, ALL 3!!!

 Back to chocolatecakes!
well needless to say, when I found out about cakes, I loved chocolatecake! If you never eat any, its quite heavy on your stomach, but its worth it!

Somehow theres a cake in front of this chocobabe...

Yes this is IT! The holy grail of cakes, a chocolatecake!


  1. Holy shit a blog all about chocolate? heck yes!

  2. I've never tried a chocolate cake I didn't like, actually. hehe

  3. Aww, you are sooo nice, and yes, I look like that... kinda. Just real.
    Hahah, maybe I should start writing about some chocolate to make you happy ;D

  4. Chocolate! I am so happy there's a blog featuring tasty confectioneries!

  5. I'm afraid to say it but I like white cake better than chocolate. Don't hate me!

  6. Now you're making me want cake....Why are you doing this to me?!?!

  7. I hate you so much right now. There's no way for me to obtain any cake and I want some...

  8. Can you send that lady over to my place right now by any chance?

  9. That first cake looks amazing

  10. Those cakes look delectable

  11. I can't believe no one has mentioned the deceptive nature of cake yet.

  12. That second picture looks just to artistic to eat. But who am i kidding im gonna DEVOUR that thing

  13. Chocolate cake is the best!
    Or is chocolate pie the best?
    They're both delicious.

  14. God yes I LOVE cake, I love pineapple, I LOVE chocolate, a lot of flavours are nice with me. I made one earlier but it ran out, I need to make another.


  15. That cake looks delicious, but its making me crave milk.

  16. @Raw
    Hmmm chocolate pie...
    Your giving me ideas =D

  17. I want dat cake. Seriously looks incredible. Nom

  18. I love this blog, and seeing those cakes just kinda turned me into a pregnant woman. I will expect them to be mailed to my house, as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.

  19. lol...girl, cake, games...YESH!

  20. The first cake looks perfect! And I bet the taste is wonderful


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