I frikking love m&m's, but just sharing this would not be very interesting...

So I will just give my opinion on all of the products I have tasted being m&m's
First a sidenote: you can reclose the bag of m&m's using a sticker attached to the side. This is a usefull sticker for closing it once, but after that it will no longer stick very well.... Still better then other cheap packaged candy's
First off: the ones in the brown bag (Milk)
These little balls of chocolate with coloured coverings are very nice to eat. They do not use cheap chocolate (or they know where to get the good stuff) and the coverings all taste a little bit different. This means you can even rearrange them and take a lot of one colour, before tasting another.
Second: The ones in the yellow bag (Peanut)
Basically as delicious as the first, but with added peanuts. I definitely say if you like peanuts and have not yet tried them, you should.
Third: The blue ones (pretzel)
This is the last one I have tasted, and I must say, these are different from the other two, as they contain less chocolate and more (cookie?) whatever it is they contain. These are however, not bad, and in fact I like them a lot! These are not as sweet as the others, but they taste nice nonetheless.

Overall i can say:

M&M's should be bought :)

If you follow my advice that is.

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  1. Always when I have hangover, I'm eating m&m's with peanuts. Fcking love them! :D


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