Last Post...

So guys, This will be my last post for the next 10 days or so...
I hope you have enjoyed my blog so far, so this special vacation post is here to keep you guys busy =)

By the way... WHOOOHOOO 100 FOLLOWERS =D
Whatever you want me to post after my vacation, from lay-out to subjects

Below are all of my previous posts (links) and a short description, I hope these will entertain you

-Be patient
I will return.....

So these are my previous posts, if your bored, you can read them (again for some), And I hope you enjoy(ed) them =)!
You want to know stuff about chocolate chip cookies? Yup those are those sweet crumbly chocolate filled cookies you really like!
Here are some songs if you feel down!
These are some models in chocolate dresses!
This is all about chocolate bars (I think I will make a part 2 on this one)

A post about ''liquid chocolate'' meaning chocolate fondue/molten chocolate. (and chocobabe)
These 2 links are for valentine's day, what do the flowers mean? what do the number of flowers mean?

This one is about Babies! (and chocolate)

Title explains, this is just my egotrip!
This is a little education on chocolate...

This person has just started blogging, and i'm her 3rd follower... But you can't get to this blog through this person's profile... So I'll help a little hand!
she commented :
LigerLily said...
So yummy! I look forward to your pics every day! My blog is Turqoise Moon if you are interested.


  1. Cool post. I'm setting up a blog about healthy living and stuff like that. Chocolate isn't terribly bad for you. I hope to set up a recipe with a chocolate highlight. Hopefully you follow me back and see it pretty soon.

  2. I'm sure everyone wants you returning post to be CHOCOBABES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have fun :)

  3. NO! D: Don't go away! I need my chocolate FIX! *Sadface* Congrats though! I made 100 not too long ago! :D

  4. damn i love your blog man! how do i make 10 days pass faster...

  5. such a cool blog - looking forward to your blogging return

  6. Sorry. I don't have any suggestions. Hope you have a good vacation though.

  7. Have fun on vacation! I'll be back as long as you update!

  8. well enjoy your break. pretty cool links too. thanks.

  9. Haha that baby is cute, have fun in your vacation man!

  10. enjoy your holidays and come back with even more chocolate! See you soon

  11. Hope you enjoy your holiday.

  12. gratz to 100!

  13. I'm so hungry looking at your blog :D Congratz anyway man.

  14. First of all, grats on the 100. I think I'm #105? A drop in the bucket once you hit 500 or so...

    Second, I think I'm in love with your blog. I'm hungry now!

  15. I like chocolate too, nice post.

    + followed:)

  16. about the post of ......
    I did not kid u.
    I play the chinese health balls to massage TCM points.
    Thank u for your visit

  17. Visit this link to help my college project.
    It gives you great tips on starting and maintaining a blog!

  18. cingrats to 100 followers
    and have nice hollidays :)

    btw The cookies on the picture makes me hungry :D

  19. om nom nom nom, i want a pool of chocolate now

  20. Have fun in your 10 days off!
    More chocolate when you come back

  21. Thanks for your comment- no i wasn´t on holidays, i explain everything in my new post :)
    By the way, this is a nice blog here!


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