A little something about me =)

A little something about me:
I am not the guy on the right side of this page, because then the chocolate-cape would already be missing some pieces.
As some have already seen in my profile, I'm Dutch and proud of it!  Dutch people have invented the cocoa press, by C. J. Van Houten, where he made chocolate cheaper, and available for everybody! My hero! Maybe I'm related? Would be awesome!

My girlfriend <3!

Also, I got the question;
prelude1221 said...
Haha, so cool! How did you get into chocolate so much! I'd love to know!
Well the answer to this is: I have no clue, I just really like chocolate, and when I got into blogs, and wanted to make my own, the first thing popping into my mind was ''Chocolate!''

With this came along the idea of creating a blog dedicated to chocolate, for BOTH genders, because, a blog about chocolate, thats just not for men/thats infantile, but I want this to become just a nice to read blog for anybody who is even slightly interested in chocolate!

Not my girlfriend =(

So thats all for today, and please note, that after febuari 25th, I will be on vacation (I will make a special vacation post for then, leave your comments and ideas behind for me to read when I get back), and from 25th then for 10-11 days I will not be posting anything ='( I'm sorry guys ;)!


  1. great post but then again it is about chocolate and we all know i have an a to it

  2. thats a sexy piece of chocolate :)

  3. have a nice vacation man! don't eat 2 much chocolate there aswell

  4. the second picture looks delicious! is it only chocolate?

  5. Chocolate Jennifer Love Hewitt is kind of hot.

  6. Who DOESN'T love chocolate?

    Chocolate makes everything better. :)

  7. Coool post!!!

    I wait on my blog BRO!!!


  8. cool blog, now following. what's your favorite type of chocolate?

  9. you and these woman lol(: i like the blog tho my dear

  10. one of my firm stances is that you shouldnt trust anyone who doesnt like chocolate... So youre golden in my book haha

  11. ha @ Anonymouse, I will make a post about that question!
    Thanks Candlej, If your following this that means you must be trustworthy aswell!

  12. Well now I'm salivating for TWO reasons!

  13. Now I have the song Chocolate Pope by Electric Six stuck in my head. Thanks a lot.

  14. Chocolate is always my downfall when trying to be healthy

  15. That's nice going on a vacation to take it easy.

  16. Carry on blogging about chocolate.. and your girlfriend looks so delicious!

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